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Video has become a marketing must. It is showing up everywhere these days – You Tube, Facebook, twitter, even mobile phones. Video is fast becoming the gold standard to promoting business -- anytime, anywhere. But most video has no thunder and let's face it, most sales videos being uploaded today are far from being rainmakers. A video might take a nobody and make them a superstar, but, more often than not, a video can take a true expert and make them look like a nobody. Don't let your video scream the opposite of what you are trying to say. Contact Video Trio Today!

Sample Speaker’s Introduction and Media Reel

Why Your Video May Be Working AGAINST You!

Custom Video Sample: Ali Brown Shine Promo

Interview Show Sample: Hollywood Confidential

Video Trio brings Hollywood FIREPOWER to entrepreneurs, speakers, and info-marketers. We take your credibility, credentials and expertise and SUBSTANTIATE THAT VISUALLY.

We are the go-to company for high-end, business video promos that generate record-breaking sales. Through our proprietary MarketTalk™ system of interviewing clients, combined with our Hollywood-star production value, Video Trio is known worldwide for our ability to brilliantly and concisely convey a company’s core marketing message.

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